Youth Program

New Youth Participation Program

Sponsored by the Southwest Mississippi Beekeepers Association


The purpose of this program is to solicit the Youth of our area to become involved in Beekeeping.  Although many people are of the understanding that the Honey Bee is in decline, which is a misconception (in 2014 there were more bee colonies under commercial management than at any other time in the past 20 years–“Washington Post”), the real problem is the lack of new beekeepers.  This program hopes to introduce young people to the agribusiness opportunities that beekeeping provides.  It begins with one hive!  Even if this is not a career path for our chosen student, it can offer a fascinating hobby or small business for a lifetime and introduce the next generation to the wondrous world of the Honey Bee.  The outline for participation can be found on this link Apprentice Criteria SWMS or you can use the contact link on this site to ask any questions.

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