2017 Beginner Class PowerPoint files

The Beginner Class was a great success!


Thanks to all who attended and Dr. Harris for a great meeting.  Please find the PowerPoint files and PDF’s on the links below

        PowerPoint File                                               PDF

Equipment pptx                                              Equipment PDF

Getting Started pptx                                   Getting Started PDF

 Seasonal Management  pptx                 Seasonal Management PDF

Varroa and SHB pptx                                  Varroa and SHB PDF

Other Important Files

Bee and Queen Producers               Beekeeping Jargon and Terms

Bee Supply Companies                       Langstroth 10 Frame Dimensions

Feeding Sugar                                          Honey Plant Chart

Choosing an Apiary Location           Gardening for Bees

Seasonal Management                        Starting with Bees

Managing Varroa                                    SHB Sheet


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